Congenital Heart Diseases & Prosthetic Heart Valves

11 Jun

Well I am so glad this week is winding down.  I had a test this week on congenital heart diseases and prosthetic heart valves.  And guess what? I got 101%  Did you know that when they do a heart transplant they leave part of the old heart? Who knew!

I’ve learned in my schooling that surgery is a lot like construction.  Somethings broken…put some tape on it, stick a screw in it, or connect that artery to this pipe…  Even some of the terms are the same as construction.  Yikes!  Like struts, and conduit.  I’d appreciate if they just made a new word that didn’t have  a relation to a sweaty man bending over to pick up a hammer while exposing his backside!  I mean they have like 20 terms for every other word and function of the heart, did they really get lazy and miss these two words?

Well I’m not out of the woods just yet!  2 more weeks of class in which I have 3 more tests…Big tests!

I can do it! I can do it!  I will keep you posted!


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