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Fear of Carotids Part 2

30 Jul

This is the Vertebral shot I am working for!

So it’s less than a week ‘til my carotid lab test. I took a practice test with the doctor and he gave me a “B”. I asked if my last shot was better if I would have received a hypothetical ‘A’. He said yes. So that gave me some hope that I’m in the right direction, and that my GPA won’t be dragged down to the bowels of a “B”!
And over the last couple of weeks I’ve had quite a few talks with myself including statements like, “Britney this is not that serious you’ve come this far!”, “You can do this (in a Chris Rock high pitched voice)!, and then there’s my fallback perspective statement, “Well it’s better than having a baby!”, which makes any mountain seem trivial!
I’ve scanned at every possible moment and have discovered a new problem. The dreaded Vertebral Artery! But you know, I’m not going to let it get to me. I won’t let it be a problem. I’m just going to take a deep breath… review the protocol over the weekend and mentally be at peace with it all. That’s after I go for a run, listen to my motivational cd’s a few more times, and get a good night’s rest.
I got this!
oh and p.s.  I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everybody who has tutored me, helped me, or layed down for me!


Fear Of Carotids

21 Jul

The Dreaded Carotid in it's Native Environment

I finally made it to my last semester…Yea! before I do too much rejoicing I must confess I feel doomed in Vascular!  I was under the impression that scanning a vessel that was stationary would be a cinch! I mean how hard could it be?…it’s not like the vessel is in motion like the heart? Man was I rudely awakened when I met the carotid artery! The carotid artery has made me feel like crawling into the fetal position crying, “mama!” 🙂

Some of the new challenges include: keeping the vessel on the screen (which sounds like a cake walk, but it’s not), keeping the vessel open on both ends, keeping the vessel clear all the way through, only having color within the vessel, and your angle when you sample the vessel must be dead on, and heaven forbid your hand moves a nanobit thus throwing off your doppler sampling giving you a completely inaccurate reading! Oh and then there’s the ICA and ECA! I won’t even get into that! Yeah all this has got me thinking about my backup plan…truck driving. I mean it would give me a lot of time to think, and see the open road right? Well our test is in 1 week and i’m feeling a heap of pressure. I’ve enlisted a few friends who I respect in the field to tutor me. I plan to scan everyday, and I hope, and pray that come next week I will be able to conquer my fear of carotids!

Any tips? please if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them. I can use all the help I can get.

Thank you