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Deep Thoughts

27 Sep

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu
Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)
I had this quote on my door for ages. One day recently in lab my instructor mentioned the quote again. What a great quote! When I began the journey of going back to school it looked like a daunting mountain. But day by day, week by week, my mountain got smaller. And now here I am finished with the coursework and about to venture out into my externship. And again I feel that big daunting mountain feeling. And I suppose it’s good to be scared, I mean I don’t know what to expect. But I’ve determined with myself that I’m not going to let it stand in the way of me seeing my full potential and I will keep walking step by step on my journey toward my goal!


The Little Engine That Could

21 Sep

This morning when I woke up Z looked at me and said, “Mama your great!” Wow what a great motivation I thought! Then a good friend called and when I was telling her about preparing for externship, she told me, “Britney we sometimes think that we aren’t ready for the next level, but you are. They are just waiting to see how great you are! You’re going to have some big shoes to fill, but they are your shoes!” And that’s totally how C lives her life! Thanks Champ that was a great reality check that I have to put out what I want to receive!
Well doing our ritual story before bed, one of z’s favorites is “the Little Engine That Could”. (DISCLAIMER: So truth be told… ever since I was pregnant my hormones have never been the same (I hate it!), and the simplest things can make me cry, (like that commercial where there was a girl in a hot dog costume, and she was walking along the street all alone and then she sees a guy in a coke costume across the street, and they meet and they fall in love. Ok I do realize that this is completely corny, but even just writing this it makes my eyes water. Imagine finding the coke for your hotdog? So profound!” But I digress, the little engine that could. So when I do read the book to Z I get kind of choked up because I totally feel for this little blue engine!
Lately the scans I’ve been turning in seem to be worse that the earlier ones I turned in making me feel further from my goal. I know this isn’t the reality, but try telling that to my brain! But then I think about this little blue engine, it didn’t think it could make it over the mountain, but it was willing to try, the train had never even been used to go over the mountain. Then she goes into her “I think I can” chant. And it was a slow start, but she kept going, and she huffed and puffed, then she climbed up and up, and a bit faster, til she reached the top of the mountain. Then the little blue engine smiles, and says, “I thought I could I thought I could.”


13 Sep

The Smiths have a famous song with the same title where they say, “…Panic on the streets of London…I wonder to myself could life ever be sane again…” These lyrics hit me when I realized that I have two weeks left of class before my externship. What the French Toast! I have 1 test tomorrow, 2 finals next week, and 2 more year ends to pass somewhere in between. I am panicked and my stress level is off the charts. So in an effort to regain my sanity I’ve decided to do the whole no refined grains/sugars for these next 2 weeks. Also a lot of juicing, to clear my head, and lower my stress. I don’t have much time I hope it works…fast.
P.S. BTW I passed my Arterial Protocol today! Woot Woot!

Mini Vaca

10 Sep

Me & Z at Sea World

I was able to get away with Z for a long weekend. It was great, we were able to see “the big fish” (as Z calls Shamu), dolphins, but Z’s favorite was the sea lion show where the sea lion dances to Beyonce and a host of other pop music.
I do have to admit that after seeing the trainers with the dolphins I did want to become a dolphin trainer. It was very motivational! But let me come back to earth, I was born to be an echo tech…well at least since 2009 
At the wild animal park Z saw a baby elephant pooping which she thought was very impressive, and the Tanzanian acrobats at which she said, “I want to see the boy jumping again”.
All in all, great memories were made.
I hope that everybody had an enjoyable weekend. Now it’s back to the grind!