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Arranged Marriage

23 Oct

Echo has been kind of like an arranged marriage for me.
A good friend set us up. She thought I’d like him. When we met I was intrigued, but I never thought I’d end up with some like him. I mean he’s so intense and complex with all his measurements, ranges of velocities, and equations. Yikes! I always figured myself drawn to the artist type anyway.
But after spending extended time with him each day I’ve come to know him on a deeper level . And I realize that I haven’t even scratched the surface. His heart is so beautifully complex. He didn’t really have my heart though until now. Thanks S for introducing us. If not for you I may not have found my true love!


My 1st Week of Externship

9 Oct

There are things in life that are humbling and that bring into perspective just how small we are in this universe like, looking up at the night sky and seeing an innumerable amount of stars, or feeling a baby grow inside of you. Well I got that feeling the 1st time I walked into the O.R. It’s profound! I walked into this room with these monstrous machines and massive wires coming out from all directions. I hop scotched around them so as to not disturb their sterile environment.
And then I saw this machine called the DaVinci. A robot that is able to make precision cuts and turns that are too awkward for the human hand. The surgeon guides the robots “hands” and is able to make more making more.
And then there’s the echo department which is amazing! All the techs are so helpful, and excited to teach me. I absolutely love it! I am so excited about what I will learn each day despite coming home mentally exhausted! Note to self: I may have to start drinking coffee.
I am totally fascinated by medicine (which is something I never thought about myself). Maybe I should become a doctor. Ummm No! I’ll just be a great Sonographer. It would seem that I am learning more about myself all the time!

1,ooo Thank You’s

9 Oct

So I know that I’m not 100% done with my program, but being done with the “classroom” part of it is a big accomplishment. And as I prepare to go to my externship I feel so amazing! I have wonderful friends, co-workers, and family who have whole heartedly supported me 150% whether it be laying down for me, a positive word when I was dramatically feeling that things wouldn’t get better, or listening to my rants and raves . A special thank you to Dr B who academically pushes me to the limits of what I dream to accomplish. And to my mom, for whose support and help I would not be able to stand here. You have helped me in unimaginable ways, and I am forever grateful to you! Because of your love and support I have been able to stand here on the verge of greatness 
I cannot thank you enough!
Tomorrow’s my big day!

p.s. since i’ll have like 1 free hour to myself now I am making jewelry again! Check it out at:

Chinese Proverb says…

9 Oct

Great Wall of China

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”.
I can fully feel the breadth of that statement as I have completed all my protocols and as I prepare to go to my externship tomorrow! It’s a profound feeling, especially knowing where I was 2 years ago. I’ve studied for 15 months how to recognize the signs and symptoms of hearts that are ill and now it’s my opportunity to help others. So like the quote I feel like I’m going to walk through a new proverbial door tomorrow. My biggest question is, what will l find on the other side of the door?