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Oink Oink Moo Moo!

14 Mar

So when a heart valve needs to be replaced it is sometimes replaced with a valve from a pig or a cow. I think it’s funny that you could have pig parts inside of your heart but that’s just me. It struck me as ironic though seeing these same items sold at an Asian market (well i found this picture from a Wal-Mart). You can buy these hearts for $13…”say What!”, however I doubt that you could get a valve replacement at my hospital and they only charge you $13 for “parts”.

Not sure if it's more disturbing that this is $13 or that it's sold at Wal-Mart


Quote Of The Day

7 Mar

I saw this quote on the way to the hospital one morning. It was on a sign in front of the morgue (of all places, but it stuck with me).

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”
Bill Cosby