Knee DeeP

1 May

Well it’s been a month now and i’m knee deep into embryology.  I tell myself, “only 8 more months!”  to kind of get myself along, and out of the, “this is torture!” mindset.  But I am literally pushing myself to the limit of myself everyday.  Pushing myself mentally, physically, and well i guess that also encompasses emotionally, since it often begs the question, “can i really do this?”, or after scanning an uncooperative toddler, “do i really want to do this?”  with that being said, I heard a stat that said that going on a diet is mentally similar to torture, because you are trying to change a habit (and habits aren’t changed so easily).  I’d imagine that is the same for forming new thought patterns.

Perhaps I am a bit melodramatic, I mean really it’s only 8 more months, many people have endured much worse for much longer!!!  Well again something else I tell myself to get me along.

And maybe it’s also that i’m trying to work on taking 2 other tests at the same time that’s also adding to my feelings of academic suicide.  But as a wise person once said, “this too shall pass, nothing lasts forever”, so I will take each day as it comes and hope that one day I can use my education to help someone little!


2 Responses to “Knee DeeP”

  1. chermelle May 2, 2011 at 3:34 pm #

    You WILL do it. The last stretch is almost as hard as beginning because you can actually see the end in sight. Being pushed to your limit in all those areas wont break you although it might feel like it at times. Its going to make you so much stronger and that’s what you want. Right? Right! Of course! Go Brit. 8 months and ANOTHER goal achieve will be here before you know it. Besides if you quit – not a thought or an option btw – what and whom does that serve. I think I hear a choo choo train.

    • britscollegebound May 2, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

      Champ! You speak the truth the end certainly does feel as hard if not harder than the beginning! And your right, choo choo ahead!!! Thanks for always being a beacon of wisdom and encouragement!!!

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