Hello Mr. Postman

12 May

So i am on the edge of my seat waiting for the mail to come.  No i’m not expecting a love letter from  overseas.  I’m waiting on my acceptance letter to take this dreaded test!  Manic studying to trying to ensure that when asked a question like:

What’s the O2 saturation in the Pulmonary Veins, I don’t panic and mark 75%, knowing full well that the Pulmonary Veins are the only veins carrying the highest percent of oxygen at 98%.

So I am feeling good, and anxious.  I think that I am at least going to pass the test which is really in the end all that matters.  But my letter isn’t  here yet! Grrrrrrrr!!!  So i continue to study, and I continue to wait, much to my dismay.  I hope that my next post will be a victory post with all of my test expoits of how I conquered the beast! Alas my life has become so anticlimactic!  Well 2012 is my year to be more playful!

P.S.  I was quite ecstatic when I was thinking last night.  Did you realize that we are two weeks away for June, which means that half of the year is over, which means I’m closer to being done with this academic kamikaze stunt i’m trying to pull! Woot WOot!


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