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I Did It!!!

27 Jul

As many of you know by now I was feeling pretty rock star status for brilliantly passing my CCI exam!  There’s something  to be said about preparing for something for so long and then when the “do or die” time comes you have the opportunity to prove if you are really cut for the task!

Now mind you, when I sat down I was heavy with doubt, “Oh I can’t do this!  I want to go home!” I said to myself, but I reminded myself of the wise words of a friend,  “you’ve passed every other test that you’ve taken why would this one be any different?” And with that I took on each question, and before I knew it I was an academic all star!!!  Forgive me for toot toot tooting my own horn but I was just so proud of myself!

So again I was reminded that I am more powerful than I think :), and with all that enthusiasm  I decided to tackle something that had been literally kicked to the curb for some time….myself!   So  I am currently working on taking better care of myself, and that feels really good!

By the way, goal update:  2 of my 5 major 2011 goals completed!  Say what??? (In a  Chris Tucker  high pitched voice)  7 months into the year and I’m right on track!!!