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The Champ

26 Feb

LA Marathon 2006

This one’s for you!

I have a friend who I call the “Champ”. She has earned this title in my opinion because of how she views life, and how throughly consumes every fiber of it! We did one of those personalities tests on each other, you know the ENFJ type, and she turns out to be part of this 2% of the population that has a “Champion” mentality. And it’s true she sets goals that most would just hold to a dream and carry no further, and then she actually accomplishes them! For example she wanted to run in a marathon, so she set the goal and did it! Now she’s up to having completed 5 successfully! ANd that’s just one of the amazing things that she’s accomplished, she’s traveled to exotic lands, and always strives to stay passionate about life and who she is. I could gush about her for hours!

A couple of years ago when I was in a not so fantastic place I was given a cd on goals. I used the helpful tips when I started school and before any tests. So since I’m so close to finishing one of my most major goals (successfully passing my adult echo education Woot Woot!), I’ve decided to line up a few more goals for the future (I mean it worked out so beautifully before). I think that’s the beauty of accomplishing something that you set your mind to, you want to know “what else can I accomplish?” Being able to fulfill this goal has felt really empowering as i reflect on all the blood, sweat and tears that i’ve put into it all. So my next batch of goals after I finish my 2 national exams, and complete Pediatric Echo (which will take me to the end of 2011) I plan to (drumroll please……) train for a marathon, and master the art of Thai and Indian cuisine. That’s it so far. I’m sure I’ll cook up a few more goals for myself before the years end.

Mohammed ALi declared that he was the greatest way before he was. He later filled those ambitious shoes with an unprecedented 61 fights, 56 wins, 37 by KO and 5 losses.

I thought of the “Champ” specifically this week because even thought she always called me a “champ” too, it wasn’t my personality description. But this week I heard a little voice in my head say, “Britney I think your a champ too!” Setting goals and accomplishing ‘em…watch out now!” 🙂

Thanks C for all of your inspiration, and unconditional friendship!


Mini Meltdown

8 Jan

my head after thinking about this years goals!

Disclaimer: So this is like a dear diary post! Something that I need to be telling a therapist or a good friend about my over achiever tendencies.
Ok so when I blogged “new beginnings” I looked at all my goals that I had put out into the universe and I realized all that I am trying to accomplish this year. “Am I completely nuts? Why do I think I can do everything? I act as if I’m superhuman and I don’t need to eat or sleep!” I feel so overwhelmed and it’s only the 8th of January! Grrrr…. “Ok Britney gather your wits, one day at a time!.. But I don’t have time I’ve gotta get these goals accomplished!” This is a big year for me, I’ve been working so hard in school and I think that the closer that I get to the reality of my goal it’s pretty scary. I don’t know why, but maybe because it’s like the make or break of it all. And it’s not that I think I won’t be able to do it, it’s just…I don’t know how to explain it.
And then how could I be busier than I was last year? I don’t even know where I’m going to pull this kind of energy from! Guess I’d better start taking vitamins or something, Red Bull. Ok no Red Bull, but I’d better get a plan in effect!
scared and running out of time :/
Ok back up! It’s all about perspective! If I was a friend I’d tell myself, “Britney but you’ve already passed the Physics exam you can do this! You have been through so much worse than this! Remember when you were at the bottom of everything? This is so much more manageable than that, and you got through that, right?”, then I say,“Ok your right but this is different.”, (and my good friend tells me), “No the only difference is that you haven’t been through this particular situation. But you can do this! You have everything in your possession to succeed!” I have to say I love my friends because this is exactly what they would say!

Ok I’m moving past my mini meltdown! One step at a time, I won’t think about the big picture until its time, just keep my head to the grindstone and one day I’ll look up and I’ll be there. So first things first…Cardiovascular Credentialing International.

One day at a time


6 Jan

So today is my 3 month anniversary that i’ve been at my externship. Time really has flown by! I still feel like a babe in the learning process but I think that i’m making progress. Some of the things i’ve learned is to “think”. Sounds simple but sometimes as a student you can make a habit of memorizing information, but my techs really encourage me to think and to get to the root of the problem. “This person has pulmonary hypertension because….” I love that part of the process because it never gets old or repetitious to challenge your brian, and since every situation is different you are always learning new things.

Something else that I hear in the back of my head is what Dr. E said a long time ago, “you need to be able to feel with your eyes and see with your hand”. If you’ve ever had to scan you know what this means.

I have read that most people who are successful have goals that are clearly written down. I feel that this has been instrumental in me being where I am today. I don’t think that I have reached as many of my of goals until I wrote them down and focused on them in the last few years. “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!” – Zig Ziglar

So make a commitment to yourself! Stick to something! You just may surprise yourself, and be the inspiration to someone else!

Have a wonderful day!

New Beginnings 1.1.11

3 Jan

Photograph Courtesy of lolavideo.net

So a new year is like a new haircut, you feel fresh, revived, like you are able to erase all the bad things of the past year and start anew. I love that feeling! I usually make a long list of goals from financial, to emotional, to physical, and back again. This year my goals are of course to get a job doing echo full-time, to take the CCI exam, the RDCS exam, and then to start and complete the pediatric echo course. I know it sounds like a lot. And it is, but I’m feeling good about the 2011 year. Big things are going to happen, next I plan to run for President.
I was fortunate enough to spend the 1st day of the new year with great friends by the beach. A friend had a brunch where we feasted on egg frittata with homemade salsa, beer bread, pumpkin croissant bread pudding, and mimosa’s. Then we took our entourage to the park that’s also right on the beach to let all the chitlen’s run around. And topped the afternoon off with a salted caramel hot cocoa. What could be better?