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Death, Bodily Fluids, and Other Atrocities

6 Nov

Life is a definite learning experience. That being said, I must say that I’ve really challenged myself in the healthcare field. Don’t get me wrong I love helping people to feel better, it’s just seeing people in pain, people that look dead, or are dead is new for me! I do well at having a poker face and pretending like I see this every day even though seeing lots of blood and other bodily fluids is enough to make the hairs of my nose stand on end!
Another thing that boggles the mind is that they have drugs (or should I say medication) that can literally make you dead! I mean you’re not dead, but you look dead, limp and lifeless. And then 10 minutes after the procedure you’re asking when they are going to start the procedure that they just finished! That’s so wild!
And since this is all new for me I think it gives me a greater appreciation for life, because in the blink of an eye everything can totally change!
p.s. I did my 1st TEE this week. And it wasn’t so bad! I’m so excited I’m leaving the confines of my nest slowly but surely!