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Death, Bodily Fluids, and Other Atrocities Part 2

17 Dec

So I think that I was a bit confident after my heart transplant experience. I thought that I would have passed out watching something like that, but I didn’t… so I secretly and pridefully thought, “What could be worse, I saw a heart transplant! I can take any other operation, or bodily fluid I may come in contact with!” One week later…I completely retract that statement! Now don’t get me wrong, I am very fortunate to be at a hospital that has such riveting cases, we get cases that only seen in text books. But I have seen things this week that have forever scarred me! I won’t go into great details because its rather nauseating. But the tech assures me that what I saw wasn’t even that bad. I am horrified, “what else could possibly be worse I thought?!” This has all been such an eye opening experience. and all I can say is my poker face is getting better!