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Who Knew?

5 Feb

me in a few months 🙂

So this week I finally felt like i’m making good progress in my scanning ability. In analyzing why I feel that I am improving though I realized something else far more profound.
Well I guess I should back up and say…this week I sucked it up and started waking up at 4:30 (in the morning I know absolutely crazy!) to exercise. And I strictly watched what I ate. No Doubletree cookies for 4 days 🙂 Waaaaahhh… And the weirdest thing happened to me…I felt better! I felt more positive, more alert, and just like i could do anything! Who knew that I could feel superhuman strength from doing those 2 simple (well not really that simple) things? So on the 5th day I treated myself to a Doubletree cookie. And this morning the weirdest thing happened again, I felt less motivated, a bit down, and overwhelmed by life again! I haven’t been eating sugar so I was able to pinpoint it to the Double tree cookie. I find this to be a phenomenal discovery! The discovery that sugar (who I thought was one of my best friends) has a direct correlation to me feeling more anxious, tired, and just an overall sense of yuckieness. How could sugar do me so dirty??? I mean I’ve heard these things before, but I felt it resonate differently actually nailing it down to that blasted cookie!

So that being said, I can’t afford to be more neurotic than i have been, it’s making me, and those around me nuts! Plus I think this is the only way I can get through these tests without completely losing my mind in the process! So I think i’m going to keep this up. It’s proving to be a good thing!

What do you do to help relieve your stress?


Mini Meltdown

8 Jan

my head after thinking about this years goals!

Disclaimer: So this is like a dear diary post! Something that I need to be telling a therapist or a good friend about my over achiever tendencies.
Ok so when I blogged “new beginnings” I looked at all my goals that I had put out into the universe and I realized all that I am trying to accomplish this year. “Am I completely nuts? Why do I think I can do everything? I act as if I’m superhuman and I don’t need to eat or sleep!” I feel so overwhelmed and it’s only the 8th of January! Grrrr…. “Ok Britney gather your wits, one day at a time!.. But I don’t have time I’ve gotta get these goals accomplished!” This is a big year for me, I’ve been working so hard in school and I think that the closer that I get to the reality of my goal it’s pretty scary. I don’t know why, but maybe because it’s like the make or break of it all. And it’s not that I think I won’t be able to do it, it’s just…I don’t know how to explain it.
And then how could I be busier than I was last year? I don’t even know where I’m going to pull this kind of energy from! Guess I’d better start taking vitamins or something, Red Bull. Ok no Red Bull, but I’d better get a plan in effect!
scared and running out of time :/
Ok back up! It’s all about perspective! If I was a friend I’d tell myself, “Britney but you’ve already passed the Physics exam you can do this! You have been through so much worse than this! Remember when you were at the bottom of everything? This is so much more manageable than that, and you got through that, right?”, then I say,“Ok your right but this is different.”, (and my good friend tells me), “No the only difference is that you haven’t been through this particular situation. But you can do this! You have everything in your possession to succeed!” I have to say I love my friends because this is exactly what they would say!

Ok I’m moving past my mini meltdown! One step at a time, I won’t think about the big picture until its time, just keep my head to the grindstone and one day I’ll look up and I’ll be there. So first things first…Cardiovascular Credentialing International.

One day at a time