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1,ooo Thank You’s

9 Oct

So I know that I’m not 100% done with my program, but being done with the “classroom” part of it is a big accomplishment. And as I prepare to go to my externship I feel so amazing! I have wonderful friends, co-workers, and family who have whole heartedly supported me 150% whether it be laying down for me, a positive word when I was dramatically feeling that things wouldn’t get better, or listening to my rants and raves . A special thank you to Dr B who academically pushes me to the limits of what I dream to accomplish. And to my mom, for whose support and help I would not be able to stand here. You have helped me in unimaginable ways, and I am forever grateful to you! Because of your love and support I have been able to stand here on the verge of greatness 
I cannot thank you enough!
Tomorrow’s my big day!

p.s. since i’ll have like 1 free hour to myself now I am making jewelry again! Check it out at: